About The Artist

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and acquired an early appreciation of photography with my dad's cameras on extended family vacations across the country.  Mom, who returned to school to earn a second degree in art, instilled a fundamental sense of design, color, and composition ... but as a song once noted, "We move on ... put those dreams away ... thinking that we'll find them ... come some rainy day."

The chosen path led instead to a 35-year career as a rocket scientist in Southern California on the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.  I finally rediscovered the dream in 2006 and with the encouragement of my son, daughter, and niece initiated "Wish you were here ..." offering limited edition prints at local art shows.

I've been fortunate to have been accepted in galleries, exhibitions and festivals from Coronado, California to Sacramento to Mesa, Arizona and become part of many local and international collections along the way.  My unique images simply reflect those magical moments in time when the shutter clicked to thoughts of "Wish you were here ..."

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